The Company

Tranxlatium is a global online company offering a wide range of languages and translations services. Our business model stands on three basics pillars: state of the art IT systems and programmers, a highly efficient decentralized working model and a loyal long term relationship focus with our customers.

State of The Art

Our state of the art IT systems infrastructure and CMS allows us to connect with our clients and translators on a whole new level. We are open for business 24/7 and at any given time our system is handling queries, updates, messages, generating reports, emails, VoIP calls, documents uploads, downloads, online payments and invoices and general coordination from customers, translators and the Head Office.

Our Vision

We appreciate and embrace the value and flexibility of work delocalization. The translation industry is particularly well suited for this business model and Tranxlatium has built its network of translators on this principle. Appart from a core group of key people at the mangerial and IT level, most of our translators are localized all around the globe and work though our shared IT Virtual Office.

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